Rental Lock Automater (RLA): FAQs
Migration to New SmartThings Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will existing SmartApps keep running?
Installed groovy SmartApps will continue to run until SmartThings shuts down the groovy platform in 2023.

  • Will I need to re-install my SmartApps on the new platform?
The new SmartApps will need to be re-installed on the new platform.

  • Will existing SmartApps be able to use devices using drivers?
At this time groovy SmartApps are still able to work with devices using drivers.

  • What happens to existing custom device handlers?
Existing custom groovy device handlers will continue to work until SmartThings shuts down the groovy platform. SmartThings will automatically transition most devices over to the default edge drivers and they should continue working. Once custom drivers are available you can switch from the default drivers to the custom drivers remotely.
  • Will I need to pair my devices again with the new platform?
SmartThings will automatically transition most devices over to the default edge drivers and they should continue working. Some devices may need to be excluded and re-paired with the hub.
  • Will all the SmartApps and Device Handlers be migrated to the new platform? 
Our goal is to migrate as many SmartApps and Device Handlers as possible to the new platform starting with the most popular apps and devices. We are working with SmartThings regarding the migration to the new platfom and are waiting on them to implement the planned/missing features/API's.

  • Hosts using RLA/LUM/LMAPI
In preparation of the migration:
  1. Create a few "Permanent" backup manual user codes that can be used by guests.
  2. If a lock/device shows up as "Thing" after the automated device migration try to exclude and re-pair the lock/device with your hub.
  3. Consider installing Smart Lock Guest Access (SLGA) from the Life tab in the SmartThings mobile app. This app will allow you to manually create/delete users on your locks after groovy apps stop working.

  • What will happen to my licenses?
We are working on migrating existing licenses to the new platform. Once the migration is complete you will receive an email from us with the details and next steps.

  • Can I purchase additional licenses?
We will re-open the option to purchase new licenses once the migration is completed.

  • How long will it take to complete the migration?
Please watch this page for future updates and for details on how to participate in beta releases.